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Food and Wine Pairing Basics: Pairing Ethnic Foods

Inside This Section Food and Wine Pairing - Perfect Pairings Pairing Featured Matches

Goat Cheese Crostini

White wine - Appetizer

Sea Bass with Citrus and Soy

White wine - Seafood

Double Cut Pork Chop with Mustard Sauce

Red wine - Meat

Asparagus and Goat-Cheese Frittata

Red wine - Poultry

Seafood Stew

White wine - Seafood

Corn Chowder with Seasonal Mushrooms and Crab Garnish

White wine - Soup

Ridiculously Good Chocolate Cookies

Dessert wine - Dessert

Broiled Lobster Tails

White wine - Seafood

Mini Beef Wellingtons

Red wine - Meat

Flank Steak over Corn-Kernel Polenta

Red wine - Meat

Food and Wine Pairing - Events

Find Local Wine Events

The LocalWineEvents.com calendar of food and wine pairing events is where all the world's food, wine, beer and spirits events are listed in one place.

Napa Valley Jazz Getaway 2015

June 10-14, 2015 Napa Valley, California 3rd Annual Brian Culbertson's Napa Valley Jazz Getaway is a 5-day wine and jazz festival set in the heart of Napa Valley, California celebrating music, food and friends.

Bottle Rock 2015

May 29-31, 2015 Napa, California BottleRock Napa Valley - 3 Days of the best Music, Wine, Food, and Beer that you can only get in the Napa Valley

Food and Wine Pairing Basics: Pairing Ethnic Foods

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Ethnic Food and Wine Pairing Tips

Seasonings include ginger, garlic, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Sauces include sweet-and-sour, peanut, ginger, and oyster. These ingredients match the sweet and salty flavors � so a sweet, spicy, fruity white or possibly a low tannin red wine for dishes such as duck would be good choices.

Bitter and vinegar ingredients are common, therefore, avoid acidic wines and utilize dry, fruity whites or sparkling wines. Heavier dishes like tempura require fuller, fruity wines such as a red Chinon, Sancere or Brut Champagne.

Aromatic and spicy flavors are common. These combine well with a crisp, dry, white or slightly sweet wine like a Sauvignon Blanc, Marsanne, Chardonnay or a robust red, such as a Shiraz (with beef dishes).

Chile-dominated cuisine that can affect your palate is best coupled with a spice wine that has a touch of residual sugar. Chilled, fruity whites, or a Beaujolais Cru (low tannin red) may also work well.

Common ingredients include curry, coconut, cumin, creamy or milk based sauces. These combine deliciously with low tannin, fruity wines with little oak, like a Merlot, Zinfandel or Syrah.

Middle Eastern
Figs, raisin, nuts and tumeric are common ingredients. These would match well with the soft fruity reds or whites (Beaujolais or New World Pinot Noir).

Pacific Rim and Fusion
These are generally bold dishes and need a confident, forward wine such as a New World Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc.

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